Reviews for Alton Beast

I only ever rode it once when I was 13 years old. I remember I was sat right in the front and it had no restraints whatsoever. I was clinging on for dear life on the first drop. I had something like a 60ft drop to the left and the right and felt very un-secure. I wish I could ride it again now I’m older. I remember seeing the whole track moving at the bottom and thinking is this thing safe. Very faint memories I have but I miss it. The queues were tremendous.
Nowhere near as good as the New Beast which replaced it. This ride made my back ache frequently!
Dave Collins
Although Beast was a fairly standard Schwarzkopf creation that we all know and love, what made it interesting for me at the time was its lack of restraints and its close proximity to Alton Mouse. From the top of Beasts slow spiral lift you had a great view of the overall structure of The Mouse which was quite complex. Beast was a fast paced compact ride that Anton (RIP) did so well…
The Ancient Mariner