Reviews for Toyland Tours

Toyland Tours was absolutely fantastic. It used to keep me entertained for ages, especially at the end where there was that hippo ballerina. That made me laugh so much!
Jonathan Meehan
I used to love Toyland Tours, why did they take it away? I was so sad to see it go.
Michael Boyd
I am glad I rode this when it first opened because it went so downhill later on in its lifespan. When it opened, all the effects worked, its looked colourful and new, and okay, Sonic the Hedgehog was still about. I always remember the fish squirting water across the path of the boat from their mouths. I enjoyed a ride on this, just to let your McDonald's go down before going back on the rides.
Gary Holcombe
hee hee! this ride is funny! It is sweet and a great ride for children
Its a sad thing to say, but bye-bye Toyland Tours, here comes my favourite Charlie and The Chocolate Factory...
Both Toyland Tours and Around the World in 80 Days were excellent rides, and I cannot believe that it is going to be changed into the monstrosity shown as Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. This is a sad end to a classic ride, and I hope to God that this new idea pays off and pays the old ride justice.
Toyland tours is a great Ride at Alton Towers You sit in a boat and the rde starts weird things start happening like bouncy castles and snails shiny robots and other toys There are lots of teddy bears stuffing the Toys There is a weird music Before you go into the party the soliders at the top blow their trumpets and a tag of writting on it says:Parties make presents...Soon You in the party their are cakes and loud music well not the music to the theme Music to the disco Its kool kat & the teddy boyz at the end of the ride I can't Say but its very Weird a stupid busty Hippo standing at the top with a fairy dress on I Filmed the whole ride that was 6:25 you walk out the exit feeling like going on it again this is funny when we all walked out I forgot something My camra case It was on a boat...and finally I have it...
A great little boat ride, shame to see it go. It was great for kids, and sad grown ups :-D
Paul Morgan