Reviews for Twirling Toadstool

I went on it last year when it was in Ug Land, and thought it was really fun. I was quite disappointed that it was relocated because it has moved to an area that I don't tend to visit when I go to Alton Towers.
The new theme of this has really made it a much better experience, love it!
Little Tommy
I think this ride is ace; it's relaxing and comfortable. I used to be scared of it when I was small, and I never used to go on it. But the next time I came back, I went on it because of my sisters, and it was ace! I regret not going on when I was small now.
It's an okay ride - nothing exciting. "Relaxing" and "breeze" are probably the best words to suit this ride. It's a good ride if you want a calm break.
I had already ridden on Air and Corkscrew, but still found this ride to be enjoyable!
I had the chance to go back onto Oblivon for the third time in one day when I visited Alton Towers, but me and my friends all agreed that the Swinger is much more of a ride. The best feeling is when you think you are running around the trees! A real thrill and doesnt incure a long queue time, at max 10 mins, even on a busy hot day (when I was there)!
Iv been on Nemesis and Rita and still find this ride brillient! Do yourself a favoure and ride it!
Nathan Cook