Reviews for Alpine Bobsleigh

I remember going on this on my first visit to Alton Towers. I was only about 5, I thought it was fantastic. Looking back now, the staff letting a five year old ride this on his own was unbelievable. There's no way it would be allowed nowadays.
Nathan Johnson
Yes, pretty dangerous really. My friend Bob lost most of the skin from his right arm during an over-speed cornering manoeuvre. We had to walk to the other side of the park for a bandage. Certainly too risky in today's nanny state.
Darren McElwain
One of my fave rides at the time, although one of the slowest queues. There was a small monorail that took the sleds back to the top of the track that had a few seats for passengers too.
Haydn Cruickshank
I went on this ride in 1984 when I was seven. It was next to the Black Hole and Cine 2000. I remember seeing a woman have an accident on this ride; she gashed all her leg open. It was pretty dangerous actually.
Jonathan Derry
Asbestos! What were they thinking!?
I remember my friend shooting off the sides of this ride, because he did not use his brakes - it was so funny! I loved this ride, and there is now one at Oakwood.
Carl Baker
I lived a push-bike trip away from Alton Towers as a teenager in the 80's. Legend had it that a friend of a friend actually managed to turn over a sled on this ride. And it had nothing but a big crashmat to, er, "stop" you at the bottom. Doubtless this would contravene a dozen health and safety laws in these days of UK nanny state, but we loved this ride.
Mick Heath
Parts of the Alpine Bobsled still exist in Alton Towers! They lie abandoned in the gardens, just beyond the Ug Swinger ride.
David Hockey
Ahh yes... the Bob Sled! This attraction was a legend in my eyes. Me and my mates used to go fast down that course - amazing!
Dave Collins