Reviews for 4 Man Bob Coaster

Evidently not one of Alton Towers greatest rides, nor one of it's most sadly missed... but I liked it! My over-riding memory of this little coaster was how long it seemed to last - it just kept on going, sweeping bend after sweeping bend. It may have been only about 30' high, it may have only had a total length of about 1200' but the track was so narrow and so tightly wound that you just didn't know when it was going to end. Just as you thought you were heading back into the loading station you'd veer off and go round for another lap... or two! Not scary, not mega-exciting but it sure was a whole lotta fun. Where is it now, I wonder??
This rollercoaster wasn't my type. Sorry Alton Towers!
Dave Collins
4 Man Bob was a fast paced small coaster, similar in feel to Space Invader at Blackpool. One of the main draw backs was that each car had to have four people in it before it was despatched, this could prove a problem on quiet days. Another sadly missed ride from Coaster Corner.
The Ancient Mariner