Reviews for 1001 Nights

It was better than being on the pirate ship, because you never felt that you'd fall out.
Robert Rosenberg
I remember riding this ride in 1990. It was extremely high and offered spectacular views. The scary thing about it was the fact that it had only one arm on it, and I felt unsafe. I was only young though!
When I was a teenager back in the eighties, I thought this ride wasn't my type. But the drop was quite a fright!
Dave Collins
This was a great ride, a real stomach in your mouth feeling as you dropped back down the earth. I always remember the part of the ride where it would stop at its highest point and stay there for a good 20 seconds - the views from the top were amazing.
Gary Holcombe
1001 Nights was quite a pleasant experience. Not as fast or intense as the Magic Carpet / Quantum type of ride. More of a fast pasted observation platform! Some great views of the park / surrounding area could be observed on a clear day.
The Ancient Mariner