Reviews for Sky Ride

I think the Sky Ride is a fantastic way of getting from one part of the park to another. Keep up the good work Alton Towers.
In my opinion these are even scarier than all the big rides like Nemesis - and when I went on that I was scared to death (I loved it in the end though). I hate it when you just dangle in the air, and especially when they stop and you hear a creaking sound and you think you are going to break the cable and fall to your death. I hate the Sky Ride and if I had my way I would walk all around the park on what god gave me - my legs.
The Sky Ride is a good mode of transport and has brilliant views over the park. Worth the wait as you can get on other rides much quicker than walking.
A good way to get around Alton Towers, and to see the amazing views of Alton from the sky.