Reviews for Duel - The Haunted House Strikes Back

"Duel" or - "A haunted house gone wrong!" I loved the original haunted house - in its day, a breakthrough to rival even Disney. When it first opened, the theming and atmosphere were absolutely first class. A real WOW! - especially the first walk-through bit with the portraits. Now, the atmosphere has totally gone. Instead of portraits, we have monitors. And in the ride - where's the subtlety? Any horror director will tell you that the key to a scare is in the SUGGESTION. Do that first, then hit the patrons with horror later. But no, here, there's predictable zombies-upon zombies. Yawn. As for the game element, there are SO MANY targets that it becomes a chore on the finger to try to hit even a small percentage of them. You end up looking for targets rather then enjoying the content of the ride. I understand why they had to put the interactive element in, but a fewer amount of targets, in key places, would have been much more effective. Or even better, why not forego the interactive element completely and just keep updating the haunted house with ever-greater scares?
Great ride! It's genuinely scary, especially during the Scarefest (excluding 2008; Duel: Live wasn't that good), but maybe Ghostbusters & Thriller as music would be good. Imagine if you were little and waiting to go on this at night, on your own in the graveyard. Scary!
This truly is one of the best Alton Towers rides. Nemesis and Oblivion weren't scary to me, because you know you are clamped to tonnes of steel and nothing goes wrong. This is scary; some areas need patching - you can see the mechanisms for some of the animatronics. However this ride is different: yes, you have the blasters (try not using them one time, you see much more of the ride), but people running through the woods, escaping burning, mutated and disfigured zombies is the original scare. Amazing theming and scenery pull off the £3 million ride, leaving you eager for more.
Personally I'm obsessed with Duel; I quite literally cannot get enough of it, I'm a total Duelaholic! I love the exterior to the ride, the shooting zombie outside (aka Bob, folks) and the queue line - it all adds to the excitement and atmosphere of the ride. True, the thing could do with perhaps a little upgrade, a few more scary features wouldn't go amiss and there are a number of bare areas where there's nothing at all. But the soundtrack is fantastic, it has to be said - one of those pieces of music that makes you want to boogie whilst you're blasting! And my current high score is 79,000 - 1000 off my goal! 5 stars, a must for anyone visiting the park!
It looks like I'm one of the few people who was quite disappointed by the inclusion of the blasters. For me they took away the atmosphere of the ride. I still enjoy it though - especially if I ride alone and don't play the game. Still, it's hard to ignore all the glowing lights.
David W
I think Duel is one of the best rides at Alton Towers. It might not be as excellent as Nemesis and Oblivion, but it is heavily fun. It helps if you shout at all the monsters, it distracts the other riders in your car and helps you to get higher scores!
This is a fantastic ride. Not only is it interactive, but the amount of detail is fantastic! The queue line is brilliantly done - the floor is very disorientating, and the scenery around it is brilliant. The busts, the models, animatronics and the dummies... it's just amazing how much there is to this ride. It's a must to go on this if you visit Alton Towers.
I love this ride! Okay, it may not be that scary, but the interactive element makes it so much fun, especially with mates. Last time I went to Alton Towers I went on this 3 times. My highest score was 78,800, can anyone beat that?
I think this ride is sooo cool i would love 2 go back agen and go on it, the FX are cool and what was in it.
Duel is a great family ride which makes you want to go on it again and again, because you really want to beat your last score. Plus, queuing is not an issue so you get on the ride almost straight away. Duel is a great ride and is a much better ride than the Haunted House because you don't just sit there and let the ghouls and ghost make you jump.
I don't know why so many people judge Duel - it is great, and its interactive content makes for a must go ride! It is nearly always walk-on and it is just fabulous. You head through the entrance which is great as the floor comes away from you; it is slanted and bumped. The little doll's house and rocking horse start you off, but some music and more spook could be added to it. You start off by getting into your 4-5 person seat where the instructor tells you to watch your luggage, not to touch the blasters, and mind your knees. You then head across halls and halls of rooms, blasting different lights for points. Then you head through a spinning tunnel, and out to the not-very-well-themed gift shop. Spooky music in the shop would be good instead of pop music - Kylie Minogue!?
Jacob Tyers
I think that Duel is so much better now that it's upgraded. But sometimes you might be the unlucky one who gets the broken gun. This is one of the must-go-on rides at Alton Towers!
Duel ultimately only improves on what was the Haunted House slighty. Duel does have a better re-ride value to it as shooting ghosts and zombies is much more fun then watching them jump out at you. What Duel has lost to what the Haunted House had so wonderfully was the scare factor the build up and general atmosphere; Duel is not as dark, nor does it play any music during the walk through, it just looks as though the workers couldnt be bothered to clean up and make the queue better or scarier but have made it weaker.
Kevin Bales
I thought Duel was very good! I got the high score of 70,000! I think this ride could do better though; it needs a total makeover. The track is a bit short. The only downside to this ride is that, when you are concentrating on the green and yellow targets, you don't pay attention to the actual ride. Duel is excellent but I preferred Doom & Sons and the original Haunted House!
Dave Collins
This ride is great, the atmosphere when queuing (normally only 5 mins) is fab. The ride itself lasts for a long time, its full of suprises around every corner but its not very scary some more zombies wouldn't go a miss.
Alton Towers isn't Alton Towers without Duel. Even though it isn't a great ride compared to rides like MIB or Challnege of Tutankhamon it's the best family attraction in the park. Unlike it's superior dark ride brother Hex Duel appeals to more with it's interactive element. It's a must. 4/5
Duel is a great ride for the family. It is very dark as you enter the house. You will get those crooked house feelings because the floor moves away from you. As you embark at the station, the announcer says these words: "Do not pull down on safety bar; it will close automaticly. Make sure your bags and loose articles are secured on the floor. Please don't touch your blasters until the saftey bar has lowered", and finally this one, "Mind your knees". After that the freaky fun really starts. The theme to Duel will start playing while shooting at the targets. There are yelling and screaming on the ride to scare you. The rotating tunnel makes you a bit herdy gerdy; it all has strobe lights. The green and yellow are targets: yellow is better - you get a higher score. At the end there is a TV on the wall, to show you what score you have. You get off feeling very pleased... and that's Duel.
I think Duel is a good ride, but I think it has potential to do better!! With some more FX and a better storyline this ride could be a hit!!