Reviews for Swan Boats

Always a relaxing ride. It's quite funny really; two of these boats are at my school now. :)
This used to be the meeting point my parents told us to go to when we were kids, if we got lost or separated from them. Memorable!
Ade Price
So sad these went, they were an icon to the park, and their gracefullness in front of the sight of the towers just added to the splendour and atmosphere. While not fast, exciting, or thrilling, on a summers day there was nothing better than sitting in the boat with your girlfriend, sun in your face, and just gently moving around the lake listening to the water, and looking at the ducks and swans swimming past. Alton Towers removed this to introduce a money making ride instead. I feel they made a big mistake...
Gary Holcombe
This was always a classic for the kids, it is missed!
Dave Collins