Reviews for The Flume

The Flume is a brilliant ride at Alton Towers. We didn't go on it last year, which was our first time to go to Alton Towers. Thought it looked like a kiddies ride! Anyway, the 4 of us said we'd give it a try this year and, boy, were we glad! It is SUCH a fun ride. The bit in the tunnel is great, although none of us saw the famous duck. There are some great drops and it is a lot of laughs. I sat in the front and got absolutely SOAKED - my hair, t-shirt, jeans, shoes, the lot! Sit at the back if you don't want to get too wet. Everyone should try it and see for themselves. Great ride!
The Flume is one of my favourite rides!
It's worth quite a wait and is fun! The theming is great with the bathtubs and rubber ducks. A fab ride that I wouldn't miss out.
I love this ride, time and time again, except for the evil duck who lives in the big hut at the top of the Flume - he haunts me every time I go there! But still good fun, and gets you soaked.
The Flume is a really well themed attraction I must say, and definitely one not to miss. I do think the drops could be a bit more exciting - they don't exactly leave your stomach behind or anything, now do they? Apart from that, a great attraction I love! The pitch black section in the tunnel is the scariest bit.
Its looks must trick lots of people; it looks like a ride for small children but it really is like a water roller coaster!
Chris Swainston
I love this ride - it's exiting, fun, and wet! The duck in the tunnel just amuses me. I love the theming, but it doesn't really fit with Merrie England, a bit like Rita and Ug Land. Did anyone else get water squirted at them from the duck, or was it just me and my mates? Other people I asked never noticed...
I think that The Flume is the best water ride in the country! I love the ducks and the power shower the most.
Daniel Lewis
I really like this ride since it was given its new theme and name back in 2004. I had rather hoped they would change some of the layout as well, though. The long twisting channel you go on, quite high up, is nothing but a waste of time. Alton Towers, please change the track layout or add theming in this area, to make it a top flume ride that can match other parks'!
This is by far the best water ride I have ever been on. Not only do you get soaking wet, but you are greeted by a load of rubber ducks! Amazing!
This ride is great fun, especially sat in little bath tubs! You sometimes get wet, and it doesn't normally have a long queue. A fun and exciting log flume.
The flume is GREAT! Not a very wet ride which isnt good, but it still makes for a family laugh, everyone will love it and the duck make you very nervous, my only glitch is that the power showers dont stay on for nearlly as long as they should. Overall, top ride which i cant see leaving the park soon!
Jacob Tyers
It is great, because the new theming really suits it. When I first went on it, the duck inside the tunnel scared me so much. It is just great, and the last splash really gets you soaked.
How loud do they need the quacking noise in the tunnel, it nearly deafened me!!!
Before the re-theme, The Log Flume was starting to look a bit old. The present Log Flume (The Flume) looks much better, and, unlike the old version, actually has theming. The only thing I don't like about The Flume is the 'bath tubs' let in alot more water than the old logs, which is fine on a hot summers day, but when it's cold, it's not very nice! Oh, and by the way, there's something lurking in the dark tunnel.......