Reviews for Sonic Spinball

This ride is so fun! It was my first proper roller coaster and I was really nervous before I went on it, but I came off it wanting to go on again!
This is one great ride. I was scared before I got on, but it isn't as scary as I thought. Yeah, you queue for quite some time, but it's well worth the wait. If you're nervous about the fact that it spins, don't worry about it. The ride spinning doesn't make it any scarier - just fun!
This ride is amazing, I would give it 8/10. It's really enjoyable, even though you can hear my screams for miles.
I have been on Spinball Whizzer many times and always come off thinking it is brilliant. I usually go on first thing as my younger nephew joins me for the day and isn't quite tall enough to ride the big ones. However, I am visiting tomorrow and he is now tall enough to ride the big rides. My only fear is that I may not get to go on Spinball Whizzer. For such a good ride it has a very bad queuing system with queues often being over an hour and a half long. I personally would rather spend that time enjoying the bigger rides. If Alton Towers sort out the queue times then this would be a great ride - introduce fastrack?
This was one of my first roller coasters; I'm usually too scared, but I thought this might be a bit more tame. God, was I wrong. It was very thrilling for a first-timer like me!
I think the best bit about this ride is the fact that it's slightly broken - at least, it looks to be. There's a moment where the cars are up at the top of it and a section wobbles violently - this just spurred me on (my danger switch is well and truly broken). Brilliant ride!
My head is still spinning. This ride rocks. Fun, enjoyable and definitely worth the queue!
I think that the theming rating should be 5/5! The music is just as bouncy as the ride.
I absolutely love this ride, although it does make you dizzy! But I don't mind - I thought it was great.
I went on this ride yesterday and loved it so much I went on again with my sister and her 2 children. A very exciting ride which keeps you wondering what's next.
I think it is great because you don't know which way you are going. Also, the best bit is on the overbanked turn where you feel like you are being thrown off the ride. It is so cool.
Sure this ride is fun but when we were queueing it broke down for about 45 mins and all you could here was this annoying voice saying, "Oops! We have a problem HA HA HA" and this was repeated about every 2 mins, also if you sit on the wrong side on some trains you will end up going around the whole ride backwards.
Spinball Whizzer is great fun for everyone. It could be a stepping stone up for younger or less confident riders, or just a great ride for thrill seekers.
Personally, I think this roller coaster is brilliant. I'm pretty chicken when it comes to roller coasters so this was an ideal starter for me :) A fun ride but I wouldn't say it was for the hardcore roller coaster fanatics out there.