Reviews for Runaway Mine Train

The Runaway mine train is fantastic. We always go for the scarefest & because the park is a little quieter you sometimes get more than just your two laps of the track, which is good but sometimes leaves me feeling a little
We went on this twice in the summer of 2008. It was about mid-day, and we had to queue about 2 minutes. It's a little more thrilling than you expect it to be... especially when you go under the bridge and pass the Rapids.
I loved this ride! The second time round is so fast, and the best bit is definitely in the tunnel - so dark and exciting, it really pumps up your adrenaline!
If you visit the park off-peak and there's little or no queue for this ride, the operators sometimes give you three or even four laps instead of the standard two. Well worth it!
If you've never been on a proper rollercoaster before, start here. That's what I did. I got on expecting a gentle introduction to roller coasters and came off grinning. The "train" moves a lot faster than you'd expect and the banking on the bends is probably around 30-35 degrees. The best part, as many people say, is the drop into the tunnel, where the train grabs a big slab of speed and exerts a surprising amount of force. Well worth riding. Been on roller coasters? Ride it anyway.
Dave Cheese
We queued up, well we rather ran up the stoney hill, excited as well as a little nervous as it was our first ride of the day. I must admit, I was a titchy bit nervous as I hadn't been on a 'roller coaster' for a long time before then. The gate opened and we stood patiently by the automatic gates, waiting for the train to come past and come to a hault. They opened as we watched the previous riders walking off the ride, down the three steps. It was our turn. I sat down, my heart pounding just a little and the lap restrainers came down. We listened to the woman's voice that was poking her head out of the little window, a microphone in her hand. We were off. We swooped past paths, trees, went through tunnels, passing the Congo River Rapids. I came off it with a smile on my face, I was, and am, so glad that I went on one of my favourite rides in he park.
Nathan Morris
An excellent ride for all the family. Our little boy who is just a little too short to go on many of the other attractions thought it was brill. The staff were the most cheerful and helpful of all the rides we went on.
Sue Bayram
I disagree with anyone who says this ride isn't fun, or isn't thrilling. It's fast, exciting and at one point, very intense. It's a fantastic achievement, a genuine family ride which will be enjoyed by kids, mums, dads, grans and grampas!
Gary Holcombe
A vastly underrated ride is the Runaway Mine Train. Quite possibly one of the more entertaining mine rides in the UK.
Great fun for all the family :-)
Tom Cooksey
Great theme! I always go on this ride when I am at the park because it doesn't get long queues. It is good fun and definitely a great laugh.
Hey, it isn't the greatest thrill ride, but who says it has to be? The theming is fantastic, the ride is fun, and it makes for a nice ride for kids. It's also relaxing (sort of) for older kids and adults.
Jacob Tyers
Although not the best ride in the park, its certainly still a firm favourite. Despite the fact its not a real ‘coaster’ it still gives a good impression especially around the Congo River Rapids encounter area.
This ride is very fun, full of twists and turns, sometimes the queues are a bit long but it goes quickly because the train holds many people. Don't forget to wave to the people in the Rapids boats as you steam past!
This ride is fantastic! It may not be the best coaster in the park, and great for families, but the drops into the tunnel are actually quite fast and intense!
Paul Morgan
Although not as exciting as some of the other rides in the park, The Runaway Mine Train is still a fun ride. The theming is very well done, and it fits in perfectly with Congo River Rapids and the rest of Katanga Canyon. For a mine train ride, it's very good - for both adults and children.