Reviews for Congo River Rapids

I loved this ride. I remember riding it for the first time, it was a good laugh and it certainly gave me a good soaking. By far my favourite Rapids ride and my favourite water ride in the park.
Max Aaron
It was a really good ride and not too fast. I enjoyed it and didn't get too wet.
Congo River Rapids are mainly fun; you may sometimes get quite wet but most people just seem to dodge the waterfalls, squirters and waves. However, it is quite a long ride (a lot longer than Drayton Manor's rapids) so you usually get a few splashes. All in all it is a good ride, and not one to miss out on!
To be honest, I found this more wet than entertaining. The queue was quite long, even if it did go down quickly. The boat hits the side quite a lot, which isn't very comfortable and throws up splashes by itself without the rapids and waterfall. If luck smiles on you watching your friends get wet while you stay dry is fun, but I don't think I'd go on it again without some persuasion.
Dave Cheese
A wonderful family ride for all ages. I'm 17 and I still find it funny, but not when I get wet (which is all the time). My little brother never gets wet - it's not fair!
James-Harry Daton
i always seem 2 get hurt on this ride but i love it anyway! i think it's a bit more bashy than evry1 has described it though! 4/5 luv the waterfalls! =>)
Jen D
Sometimes you get wet, sometimes you don't. Overall a fun ride.
There is usually a long queue for this ride but it is always fast moving. You reach a circular revolving station similar to the one of The Flume. You climb into your 8 person boat and slowly leave around a corner and head into the rapidy waters. Soon, you go through a tunnel with the Runaway Mine Train to see a huge waterfall ahead, one on each rocky side. By now at least one person should be wet. After you pass the waterfall nothing will have changed! By now the waters are calmer and all that is left is for your photo to be taken and for your boat to climb the conveyor belt and drop into the station. Clamber from your boat into the photo booth and check out your photo, then you can be lead to the shop where you can buy anything to do with animals, like at a Safari park, and food. My verdict: A great family ride and fun for all!
Ah, a very classic ride. As it is a wet ride, you expect to get soaking wet but unfortunately you don't. Good boats and quite calm really... I enjoyed the Rapids.
Jacob Tyers
A nice lengthy River Rapids ride, shame there is not much of a theme going on. The journey has nothing spectacular to look at. Good waterfalls, a tunnel, and sometimes a hose to soak you at the end :-)
Paul Morgan