Reviews for Hex - The Legend of the Towers

Don't bother queueing for this! Walk on by, and go on something else worth waiting for. It really is an anticlimax by the time you get to the ride proper, which just makes you feel sick. The story of the legend kind of loses itself and you forget it by the time you get on the ride. If you're not into going on something you can't see before you try, walk past Hex!
Peter Shephardson
I thought Hex was great. It is my favourite ride, and in my opinion, you haven't been to Alton Towers if you haven't been on two Rides; one of which is Hex, the other is Oblivion.
Wow, what a ride! As soon as you walk through the door there is a very eerie feeling, and you get a cold shiver down your spine. As you enter the cinema room you are expecting something big to happen, but it holds off. As you walk through the ride the feeling you had when you entered the ride gets stronger and stronger. For the big finish you go into a large room, where you are again expecting something to happen - this time, it does! The room starts rocking, there are creepy sounds, and the ride operates a number of (what appear to be) 360 degree turns. Then after all that, you are instructed to leave by a very weird voice. There is no Alton Towers without the towers - go on this ride, you must!
Chris Swainston
I can't believe that all the people above are on about the same ride I'm on about. Hex in my opinion is one of the worst rides at Alton Towers. I queued for ages, just to sit on a seat that slowly moves and all I can see is a tree. Why? I'm sorry, but if you want to waste an hour of your life then go on Hex.
I thought the principle of the ride was a good one, but would have been much better if it had been themed on a thunderstorm - e.g. you were given the story first up to the point of the storm, at which point you found yourself in an 'outside storm experience', with the story carrying on loudly until you heard a branch crack above you, which would have the effect of making the audience feel that the branch was going to fall on top of them. The storm experience could include 'lightning and wind' with perhaps some sort of rainy water effect. I thought that the ride experience at the end was quite good, but not really in keeping with the story. I also feel 'apart from adding to the effect', the bars do not need to come down so quickly or tightly. As a larger lady (without any warning about the bar being so tight), the bar came down very quickly and painfully onto my abdomen, and did not I feel, fit properly into the side clip. When I tried to summon help from the attendants, they were most unsympathetic, couldn't be bothered to come over and just asked if I wanted to get off. I just wanted to have the bar lifted so that I could readjust myself and also to have it checked that it was fixed in correctly. When I tried to say this to the attendant, they just said 'it will only come down the same' I was made to feel very embarassed in front of the rest of the audience. I would like a response regarding my comments re this, we went on the ride around lunchtime on Friday the 12th of May.
Sue Bayram
This is definatly the best ride (other then coasters) at Alton Towers. Maybe the ending could give away more information about what happend next in the story, but still an amazing ride!
Hex, unfortunately, is totally underrated. What a shame that most guests ignore this excellent ride. Its locaton is awesome, the story is scary and mysterious, the look and details are heavily impressive and the final ride is one of the best-themed and programmed in the world! Hex is surely not the most thrilling at the Towers but really is one of the best.
I went on Hex thinking one thing and came off thinking another! What happens in there is what I least expected. I enjoyed every bit of it.
This ride is not worth queuing up for. The "story" that plays beforehand is rubbish and is only there to pad out the actual ride, which is quite a good special effect but once you realise what's happening, it's quite boring.
Wow! What a fantastic ride, I love the dark atmosphere and the wierd madhouse section! Definitely one of the best rides in the park (after Nemesis of course). It's a terrible shame that the majority of park guests simply don't appreciate how special this ride is. Hex has really proved that Alton Towers can create good quality theming and atmosphere. It would be great to see some more heavily themed attractions in the park.
One of the most powerful dark rides I have been on; thrilling and haunting, it is one of those rides that continues to burn in the back of your mind; what just happened? Did we go upside down? Plus the smell, music and awesome tension build up adds to the ride, it is the best themed ride at Alton Towers and a must ride if you like that sort of thing.
Kevin Bales
This ride is a very good experience, and needs to be seen. But after your third ride on Hex, it gets boring and repetitive. I don't want to seem negative but after your third visit, going on again is pointless.
Jacob Tyers
Best ride ever
I was born in a little village a few miles from Alton Towers so I have seen it grow. Hex is my favourite ride, Why you ask, well being a local as I walk through and listen to the story, I hear the other visitors saying "what a load of rubbish" etc "its not a real tree" but little do they know that just a few minutes away down a little path there is an old tree with chains all over it, spooky or what mm
Janet Forst
The queue line video clips are quite interesting, although when the queue is long, it gets a bit repetitive. The ride itself actually does make you feel like you are upside down.
Hex is the only ride in the park which isn't bettered by another park in the world. The genius of the ride might go over the regular guest most dark ride enthusiast will revel it's dark gloomy atmosphere. A truly world class dark ride. 5/5
One of the most underappreciated 'rides' at Alton Towers. It’s a pity there are never queues in a way, because the pre-pre-show video reel is quite good.