Reviews for Enterprise

Enterprise is a much maligned ride, which is unique to many theme parks as it allows you to feel forces not normally experienced by sitting in a carriage with nothing to restrain you. It is a hugely entertaining ride and is worth queuing for time and time again. Wobbling to the exit while you're still comprehending being upside down but not being able to raise your arm, is all part of the fun.
Great fun, as something quite different from the bigger roller-coaster. The lack of restraints gives it an added thrill. But it's quite disorientating, especially when you try to stand up afterwards!
The Enterprise ride is still one of my all-time-favorites. It's great fun and keeps what it promises and looks like: High tempo and very good G-Forces! I love it!
I love this ride - not at all scary, but not meant to be. It is excellent, and makes me laugh!
Enterprise is not as scary as it looks and isn't worth queueing ages for. It's only worth going on if there's a short queue.
I think that Enterprise is is great...not the best but great!