Reviews for Oblivion

Oblivion was my very first roller coaster. I was quite scared at first; I didn't know what my reaction to roller coasters was going to be. Was I going to be sick? Or not? Well I started off really nervous as we went up the chain lift, but as we went round the top, I quite enjoyed the view! The drop was mega and I couldn't not look, I had to. This was a brilliant ride, and will always remain my favourite.
I have always had a phobia of big roller coasters but I decided to go on oblivion first and i tried not to look at the drop i just went straight on it. I actually enjoyed it and now im not scared of roller coasters at all. I suggest that you just give it a go.
I was really scared before i went on this ride, idon't know why because i was fine on air, nemesis and rita etc. Its probably all the videos of the man teeling you that youre going to die! Once i got on, i was fine because you feel really safe in the seats. The slope leading up to it tips you right back so you can really feel the contrast when you approach the vertical drop! My tip would be to keep your mouth closed as i got a leaf in mine - not the nicest way to end an AMAZING ride!
I didn't feel up to this ride first and second time I came. It looked too tall and fast, and the thought of a vertical drop in to a black hole seemed crazy. After much research, I decided to ride this time. For some reason, there was absolutely no fear whatsoever. We queued for about 5 minutes, I got straight on, and got up the chain lift. It wasn't as high as I expected. The turn round the corner wasn't heart pounding, or slow. The hold before the drop wasn't as scary as I imagined. Then comes the drop into the hole... front seat is the best to experience this. You see the track right in front of you, then feel an amazing rush as you go down into the hole. It's at this point that you feel safe to take your hands off. Then, out the other side and round the corner. It will leave you wanting to do it again and again.
Amazing - probably the coolest feeling ever!
I appear to be perhaps the only person in the world who finds Oblivion disappointing. Not just because it's a short ride, but because it really just doesn't do anything for me at all. I've been on it many times over the years, and I find the ride so tame that I'm able to pull any face or reaction for the camera I want to. This last time I pretended to be asleep all the way around on the ride and lay completly limp - it actually made it feel a bit better. I'd recommend anyone lay completely limp on the ride. For me it's miles and miles behind Nemesis, and every time I ride it I'm left scratching my head at what people find so great, thrilling or scary... horses for courses though!
This ride is scary in the queue, but once you're at the top and know the drop, it's nothing exciting.
Dean Hynd
I am scared of heights and the thought of this petrified me. My friend and step dad forced me on. In the queue there is a video and part of it he goes "leave while you still can." I was shaking the whole of the queue. We got to the loading stations and we were thankfully put on the back row. As we were going round the corner of the drop I looked down - BIG mistake; I realised how far up I was. I forced my eyes open for the drop and we went. It wasn't as horrific as I expected, and I suggest you give it a go even if you are scared.
Oblivion is great. Some people might say it is too short, but that is one of the things that gives it such an appearance. You may ask yourself; "Why is the queue line so long when the queues are always short?" or "Why do they make the surroundings so impressive, when that space could be used for more attractions?" The answer is simple; that is what makes it such an amazing ride. In my opinion, the ride starts long before you board the car, as the atmosphere is incredible. As you sit down, your hands shaking, you strap on the seat and start to climb the seemingly long, steep chain lift, you will find yourself looking around at the other scared faces, and thinking, "how did I get myself into this?" You slowly turn the corner, gently creeping toward the inevitable. The rest is for you to find out! Amazing ride, 10/10.
Awesome ride! Upon entering the park for the first time, I was scared of Spinball Whizzer - then my friends dragged me on this. I like it for being short; lots of loops and twists would ruin the straight down - that's its atmosphere. I love the cars for being so wide, you can take loads of people on there. If you are scared of big coasters, let yourself be dragged on this. I did - now I'm cured!
Awesome ride. Make sure the shoulder restraint is as loose as you can get it; some operators push quite firmly down on the restraint so it locks closer to you - avoid them if you can! Also, on the lift hill, keep it pushed away from you as it can lock tighter if you're not careful. On the drop you should float between the seat and restraint, awesome feeling!
Oblivion was my first roller coaster - I was forced onto it by my friends. The seats are comfortable and the lift hill was fine, until you get dangled over the edge at the top. The vertical drop feels like it goes on forever. I would advise first timers to sit on the back row in the middle. Overall a good ride.
It's okay, too short though. The drop is good, but then that's it. Need to incorporate this into a proper ride that takes your breath away.
The first time I visited AT, I decided to not go on this beast of a ride: big mistake! The rush you get after you first ride this is incredible and it even gets better with every re-ride. If you're terrified by looking at it, it makes it all the better when you finally make it onto it. It used to make me feel ill thinking about it but it's now my favourite of all time!
I love this ride, it's great - but I wish people would stop saying this is a 60 metre drop; it's not! 60 feet is more accurate, I feel.
Awesome ride, it's a bit short but the main bit is the drop. A must-ride if you go to Alton Towers. It broke down when I was on it at the top - 26th July 2008, does anyone know what happened? Oh well, we got some free Fastrack passes!
This ride is amazing the first time. I was fine going on Air, Nemmy, and Rita for the first time but I was bricking it before this. Sit on the edge, front row if you can for the best experience, and DON'T LOOK DOWN!
Everyone says that the ride is too short. If it was any longer, it would lose the attention of the 'first' drop. Plus, how do you expect a long ride with the amount of space the park has? It was brilliant to ride Oblivion, and the advantage of it being a short ride is that the queue lines are never long. I braved a 5 minute queue! It's only a prototype and I think it's done well for itself considering the shortage of space they had. Happy 10th Birthday Oblivion!
I admire the thrilling ride of Oblivion and as frighting as it might be, it is also magnificent on many levels and is enjoyable for all ages. After one ride it becomes an ongoing favourite, and I am sure it still will be in many years yet to come!
Oblivion is just brilliant, made even better when the mist is working around the hole! The build up to the ride is great - "this ride is perfectly safe..." - and the drop is so exhilarating. It's about time it had a paint job though; it's looking so grey that it's beginning to look ancient, which is the main problem with Oblivion and X-Sector. It's looking old and neglected, making it lose all its atmosphere and scare factor which it had when it opened.
Kevin Bales
An amazing thrill - six times in one day - and brilliant in the dark!
Chris Roberts
Oblivion is superb. A great head rush. The hype starts when you enter the queue line. The videos are brilliant. When the queue twists under the station you get a great shiver down your spine, with the red lights. The robotic female voice "Countdown to Oblivion T-minus 5 minutes" is great. When you enter the station the faces on the passengers that have plunged into the hole is brilliant. Some are even crying! Then the car stops next to the air gate. The air gates rush open. With your hands trembling, you take your seat. You close your restraint and buckle your clip. Then the two plasmas in front of you play the pre-dispatch video. Next you are rolling onto the slow, steep lift hill thinking, "this is it, no way back". Eventually, you make your way to the top. You turn the corner, and if you're in the front row you think that the track cuts off! You get to the end and go over, just to be held for 4 seconds. Just before you think "what is going to happen", the catch releases and you hurtle to the ground and into the hole. Suddenly, it goes dark, then the light shows and you go onto the brake run and into the station. Oblivion is world class. Amazing.
James Law
This has to be one of the scariest rides I have ever been on! It is an amazing ride in the sense that it's not just a drop ride, it's also a roller coaster. I think it has a good name and theming, and is definitely a brilliant ride for Alton Towers to have.
Oblivion is amazing! I sat on the front row at the side every time I went on it. Going down the hole is cool - the G force pushes you against the seat, but as soon as you know it you're out the other side. Overall, a very good ride.
Jamie Armstrong
Amazing ride if you're looking for something with a bit more fright in it than something like Nemesis. The drop is crazy. If you're one of those people who wouldn't dare go on it, but in the back of your mind you secretly wonder what it would be like, put yourself out of your misery... it's definitely worth it!
Not just my favourite ride at the park, but my favourite ride in the world. No other ride has given me the fear, speed and adrenaline rush that Oblivion gives me. People say it's a short ride, but to me the ride starts as soon as you look at it and you start to shake. A must ride for all roller coaster fans and adrenaline junkies.
From the ground the drop looks nothing, but when you get up there you see things totally differently. The videos in the queue line are supposed to scare the riders as they queue, but trust me, if you think this is scary wait until you see the lift hill! It goes up almost vertically - this has to be the worst part of the ride for me, as it goes up so slowly. Once you're near the edge of the drop, from the front row it looks like the track finishes there, and you are going to fall off the edge, but you don't. You are held here for only 3 seconds but it feels like an eternity! A 160-second ride that you are sure never to forget.
Daniel Leach
Still my favourite ride just beating Rita... that drop is just awesome!
I'm with 'Anonymous' on this one, his (or her!) review sums up everything that makes this ride so superb. Some people have moaned that it's too short, that it's a one-trick-pony but boy, what a trick! The Oblivion experience begins the moment you join the queue line, everything about this ride is precision engineered to be as scary as hell - it's all about the build up, the suspense, the anxiety, and that is what makes Oblivion so special. That deep, rumbling sound of a jet engine or turbine being pumped discreetly into the queue line, that bloke on the tv screens warning you that you might DIE while riding, that female voice that says "Countdown to Oblivion in T minus 5 minutes". Genius! Why do you think the lift hill is so steep, and taken so slowly? It's just to reinforce the fact that you are now strapped in, you're at its mercy and from here on in there's only one way down. Why is there that long bend at the top, why doesn't it just plummet straight over? It's so you've got plenty of time to appreciate how high up you are and can see that awful precipice gradually getting closer. Why is the whole thing painted matt-black and not some gawdy bright, super-hero colours? Because Oblivion is the Darth Vader of rollercoasters, that's why. It's nasty, it's a monster, it's merciless, it's terrifying - I absolutely adore it! I genuinely believe that Oblivion, along with it's older brother Nemesis, are two of the finest coasters on the planet, not just the UK.
The experience of Oblivion has got to be the most terrifying thing other than facing death itself! The feeling when you drop is indescribable and so intense. If you're thinking of going on, don't wear white white undies!
ok "annonymus" i think you may be over-exaggerating!lol! although i do think the hill was scary the drop wasnt that bad! stop trying to scare people!it is actually a lot less scary than i thought it would be but still reeeeeealy fun! don't be too scared to try it coz it is totally fine but is still loads of fun. Spinball whizzer is much scarier if it helps anyone! xxx
When queuing for this beast of a ride, suspense and nerves get to you. You are worried, frightened, and yet excited about what is to come. The drop itself is immensely terrifying. When stepping into your seat and sitting down carefully, cold blood runs through your body; you are petrified of what you are doing. You put in the belt, hands trembling. Then you sit for a while, unable to speak because of the frightening thought of going down a vertical drop. The sound of the cogs turning makes you jump with fright. Slowly it ticks up a steep hill, and it seems like the longest time of your life. The suspense is unthinkable. You reach the top, slowly drift round the corner and reach the edge of the drop. Then you slow down, and you are hanging, over the edge. You start to breathe heavily, and then a deep voice says 'don't look down'... but you can't resist, you look - and that makes things worse. Then, chooooo, you're off. Down and down you drop, the front of the safety shoulder straps pushing against you, your stomach churning, heart beating, you drop into a dark hole of smoke. Then out the other end, a grin on your face - you have done it! You have conquered the Oblivion. You go onto the banking, then up the slope and you grind to a halt. You sit there, in shock... wow! That was amazing! You have been on Oblivion, and it was the best experience of your life.
I absolutely love this ride. It is brilliant. It scares me every time, but that is the fun of it! I can't wait until I next go on it!
That drop gets me every time. Sure, the ride is too short, but even if the queue is long, that drop will make it all worthwhile. One of the most intense rides in the UK!
Oblivion is the best ride I have ever experienced. The drop just gives you such an adrenaline rush, it was just brilliant, and it was very safe. If anyone has never experienced Oblivion, then make sure you do!
Lauren Elphinstone
A very good ride - a must if you travel to Alton Towers.
Incredibly cool ride but a bit scary as well...
I think it is one of the coolest rides I have ever been on. The first time I was on it, I was petrified, but after that I went on it another 10 times.
The ultimate rush experience. It may seem short to some people but as long as you go on expecting just that forceful drop then it is more enjoyable. A great re-ride coaster.
Paul Morgan
This ride is crazy.
Every time I visit Alton Towers I begrudgingly queue for this ride in the steadfast belief that it's a one-trick pony that lost its novelty value years ago. Every time I visit Alton Towers I begrudgingly admit that it still packs a punch as you bucket into the subterranean dive. It still feel like you've been short-changed, but it's a good blast if you don't have to wait too long to get on it.
Brilliant ride... well worth queueing for! The feeling is like no other type of drop.
John Ryan
It's a good ride but doesn't last long enough. It's not the best in the park, but well worth riding.
Well, it wasn't what I expected it was a bit rubbish actually but hey! Who's bothered its all good to me!
Possibly the most frightning ride in the UK especially for first-timers.
Jason Pollard
If you're scared of heights, or even better, then Oblivion is the ride for you. It still scares me to this day.
Tom Bannister