Reviews for Corkscrew

I went on Corkscrew a year before it closed and thought it was amazing. It was such a good ride and was loved by millions of people.
Harry Williams
Real shame its going, but also amazing its lasted so long. To put it into perspective, Corkscrew was in its heyday as well regarded as Nemesis or Oblivion is today. For so long Corkscrew was the main attraction and featured on all Alton Towers literature, it was THE ride to go on. My last time on it was last year, it still had a little something about it, but it wasn't the thrill ride it used to be. Would be nice for Alton Towers to have a 'memorial' for Corkscrew, its what helped start it all off for the park.
Phill Butcher
Unfortunately too many of the people posting the reviews on here don't seem to have any concept of just how significant the Corkscrew was. In the late 80s there was nothing like this roller coaster anywhere else in the country. Being a teenager at the time, the Corkscrew was the holy grail of coasters and was quite a terrifying prospect to ride as it was as fierce as it got back then. Time moves on and the Corkscrew definitely can't compete with modern day rides, so it's right that the ride has been decommissioned - but it will live forever in the memories of those of us who had their first experience of a white knuckle coaster courtesy of the one and only Corkscrew.
This ride was the heart of the park and will be truly missed. I remember this being the first roller coaster of my life, I was so scared to get on the ride. Afterwards I was so glad I went on!
I really liked this ride, even though your head hurt a lot, it was still good. I'm going again soon and it's going to be sad to see the empty space beside Rita - I'll miss it. I'm also glad that last year I got a picture on this; I always look at it thinking "I cant believe it's gone." RIP Corkscrew xx
I first went on it in 2006/2007 and it was great, although it hurt a bit. When I went in October 2008, I got to Ug Land and it was closed because it had broken down - I was crying, and now I can't go on it ever again. I am so sad about it - I will miss you Corkscrew!
It was a classic rollercoaster, but agree it was time for it to be dismantled. Keep part of the ride within Alton Towers for all to remember. Will be missed.
David Harvey
I loved Corkscrew, it was one of my first roller coasters and although it was a very painful ride, I still enjoyed it. I was lucky enough to get to ride it on the last day the park was open. I am sad to see it have to go.
It was a really bad and painful ride, really boring but I'm definitely looking forward to the new ride. Although sad to see this leaving, and even though it hurts I wanted to ride it on the final day, but unfortunately didn't get to.
The Corkscrew was my first coaster when I was 6 years old, and I have been on it every year for 28 years. As it was Alton Towers' main attraction for many years, with it featured on the front of the map and on stickers which you saw on most car windows in the 80s, I think part of the ride should be kept on display as you enter the park, for visitors to remember it.
This was an excellent ride, it was my first roller coaster and I had my last ride on it at the Scarefest in 2008.
When I rode Corkscrew in September, I don't really remember having my head banged about. I do remember how, during a day which also contained Nemesis, Oblivion etc., it was all a bit boring and no match for today's rides. I will miss it though.
I like Corkscrew, but you can bang your head like mad... it's not very nice and we call it the head banger!
Tilly Clark
I was deciding whether or not to go on this ride instead of Rita considering I had an hour before a concert. On the ride quickly and was slightly worried about losing my possessions, which in the end was an unjust fear. I thought that the ride was brilliant, not remembering any head bashing against the restraints. Worth the short wait, although the ridiculously wrong brake section was annoying.
Ouch... that sums it all up! Other than that though, a fairly intense ride. It feels very strange when going into the first corkscrew.
Even though it was bumpy, it didn't put me off enjoying the ride. The first drop is quite good, and so is the part where you are turned upside down. The final brakes are quite jerky and I banged my head on the restraints. All of this combined to make a great riding experience!
Corkscrew rocks! It may be a bit bumpy, but I have been on it five times and haven't felt a thing, although I'm the same size as the restraints. I love this ride and will continue going on it until the sad day when it gets pulled down.
Corkscrew, I have to say, is basically the ride that made Alton Towers the park it is today. To me, it is a really good roller coaster as it isn't too high or fast, but with its thrilling double corkscrew it makes the ride that bit more exciting. I know that people run it down because it can be considered very rough, but would we really want to see the landmark of Alton Towers disappear?
Corkscrew is probably one of the worst rides in the park. I would enjoy this ride a lot more if it didn't throw you around so much. It's far too painful for my liking, and too slow. I like a ride with speed and G-force, something the Corkscrew doesn't have to offer.
Daniel Leach
Well from the last I went on it, I had a great time! The drop at the start is fun but I didn't enjoy the rest very much as I was too busy trying to not split my head open on the restraints. They say it's rough but painful would suit it more, I cam off with a huuuuge headache but still with a big grin on my face. It's worth the pain, I wouldn't recommend it for first timers as it is quite rough. Perhaps I hurt my head a lot more because I'm smaller - 14ish. Thoroughly enjoyable though it could do with some improves - softer restraints for example!
Its a fun ride and yes it does shake about a bit but its not that bad and it also depends where you sit. the front seat you are really thrown into the corkscrews. but its my first looping ride ive been on and its still a enjoyable ride. Its a good ride for people who fear more intense ones.
Corkscrew was my first upside down coaster, and one of my favourite rides at the park! I always make sure I go on it every time I go, as that first drop into the corkscrews is cool!
I finally experienced Corkscrew the other day, and was surprised to find it very enjoyable indeed. It may be old, and not well themed, but I had fun riding it! I didn't bang my head on it either, although I've been told that I'm possibly the only one ever...
Sure, it is a bit bumpy, but that doesn't bother me. The first drop is enjoyable, and it is a good coaster to start off the day with.
Jacob Tyers
This ride was fun in its time but now it has been outclassed by Rita and all the other rides. This ride has to be removed and replaced by something better and less painfull, bring on the rumoured wooden coaster!
Everyone knows about Corkscrew being Alton Towers' landmark installation and most coaster enthusiasts of a certain age (ooooh, let's say the healthy side of 26, for arguments sake) would recall the ride as being their first looping coaster (ignore the BPB Revolution crowd, they're to be pitied rather than derided). I certainly fall into this camp and, as with many rides around the UK, The Towers' Corkscrew holds a sentimental place in my Vekoma fabricated heart (I expect to die of a huge coronary at around 43 years of age), but after wiping a dewy tear from my eye can I still truly recommend this ancient attraction in the company of such slinky newcomers as RITA and AIR? The answer is a resounding yes and I'll tell you for why. I suspect more by accident than design Alton Towers have found themselves with a coaster in Ug Land that behaves like a prehistoric coaster. It rocks and rumbles as it navigates even the straightest piece of track, it gives off a vibe of antiquity and, as the Summer Solstice kicks in and thoughts turn to Stonehenge, Alton Towers have their very own moss covered monument to the olden ways. People naturally complain about the buffeting they get from the restraints but I've never had such problems and put it down to the meek enthusiasts bred by B&M mollycoddling. The corkscrews themselves are still forceful and disorientating, and despite the height restricted green lift-hill there is a lot of fun to be had during the initial drop. There will always be room for coasters like this in Alton Towers and it would be a crime both to nostalgia and family enjoyment alike if they decide to scrap her.
Corkscrew is quite good fun, unfortunatly you don't really get to enjoy that much because you're too busy trying to stop you're head from violently bashing the restraints. If the queues arn't too long and you arn't pushed for time, then it's worth riding Corkscrew, as the first drop is quite enjoyable.