Reviews for Ripsaw

I love this ride. The only thing I hate is when you are face first at the water jets - you can't breathe in because it's all water! But it's great.
I saw this and screamed to my friends "let's go on this!" At first they agreed, but half way through the queue most of them wimped out. After a half hour wait it was time to test my nerve. And wow, what a ride it certainly was. It wasn't scary, it was just so funny, especially when you get soaked.
We went about a year ago and it was the first ride we went on. We got *drenched*! Don't go on it first or last - go at midday when it's the hottest. Besides the water its a great ride, good for people who haven't gone on a rollercoaster before who want to test their nerve.
Ripsaw is good - every time I go on it, I get very wet!
Jack Power
This ride is amazing - surprisingly, my favourite ride in the whole park! It's just the flips the ride operator gives you. The final program makes you scream all the way through! It's like being on the drop of Oblivion, but constantly. Clearly it should stay for a long time to come.
Ace ride! It's really cool, especially when the fountains work properly on a scorching hot day. Although be warned: do not attempt to ride after lunch!
Cat Pearman
Ripsaw is great! There seems to be a different ride each time. One of the best rides in the park. The twists, turns and drops are brill!
I love this ride! It's different every time you ride it; sometimes you don't get wet, but if you go on it during the closing hour of the park you are going to get soaked! We went on it during this time, and the ride operator would not let us off for about six full rides. So after getting the drenching of a lifetime, and feeling unbelievably dizzy, we went on Nemesis to try and dry off for the journey home!
Even though I've visited the park on many occasions, Ripsaw has always been closed. This time however, it was open - the weather was scorching and the operator treated us to a shower. Best ride of the day, especially for the looks you got after you got off. A great ride, not really intense, but the way you're lowered into the jets is brilliant. Truly soaking, great fun!
Last time I went on this ride, the water jets were on which made it awesome. However, last time I went on, it wasnt as good as the water jets weren't on. Still a good ride though.
Really fun ride. It is scary in its own unique way; the flips are very disorientating, and when you're on your side, you feel like you will drop out! Without the water jets it is rubbish, but it still fits in with the Forbidden Valley theme.
Jacob Tyers
Ripsaw is quite good, although the fountains either don't work or don't go high enough to get you wet. Even without the fountains it's still a fun ride, and fits in well with Forbidden Valley.
A fantastic thrilling ride but the water jets have never been on when i have been on :-( still a fantastic ride without though :-)