Reviews for Galactica

I'm only 12 and I love this ride. At first I was a bit unsure about it, but I'm glad I did because otherwise I wouldn't have gone on any others!
This was the first white knuckle ride I went on - it is fantastic, it feels like you are flying. I think it is great.
Charlotte Charteris
This is my favourite ride, I have ridden it 49 times and I am only 12! If you are not sure whether to go on it or not, you definitely should - everything is great about this ride.
Jade Bower
I've never been on a roller coaster before, but I went to Alton towers with some friends, and was forced to buy Fastrack - so I had to use my pass, and the first ride we choose was Air. Trust me, it was the best ride I have ever been on, not to mention the first! It set me up to embrace the other roller coasters. I think this ride is amazing and I would give it a 9/10 if not 10/10.
This ride is amazing! As soon as you are lifted above the ground, it feels as if you are flying. I would give Air 8/10.
Kayleigh W
We came to Alton Towers for my 13th birthday in July 2008. I had never been upside down on a roller coaster until corkscrew. After corkscrew I thought I'd be up for anything... wrong! When we got to Air I stood outside the entrance for 5 or 10 minutes deciding whether I should go on or not. It was the lying on your back bit that worried me. I was forced on, and we had fast track tickets so we could go straight to the front car. I started to panic when the lights turned blue and we tilted forwards. The seats on that thing are surprisingly comfortable. We made our way up the chain lift and waved to the rest of the group. Near the top, I suddenly realized we were pretty high. I didn't care, I don't mind heights. Air is fun. It's not boring, and it's not extremely thrilling. It's just a cool experience, feeling like you're flying. After Air I regained confidence and headed for Rita... and then returned for four more rides on Air!
I was afraid to go on Air, as this was my first "proper" upside-down roller coaster. I got forced on it, and I was so scared - I shut my eyes, and it was an amazing experience. It wasn't scary at all! I loved it, but it kept breaking down and they did test runs for around 10 minutes!
Air is the best ride of its type in Britain. It's not scary, but it's packed full of fun and excitement.
Omar Farook
Air is so good, but it's not a thrill ride. For thrills, Oblivion is the ride you need to go on, or Nemesis. But Air makes you feel like you're flying.
My favourite ride at the park. It was a great day and the queue was nowhere near 90 minutes long - 20 minutes at the maximum! It's not just the ride that's brilliant - it's the whole experience of tipping back, the lights changing colour, the suspense and even in the line you're entertained with magical music, signs and things to read and do. Even if the line IS 90 minutes long, Air is still a must do!
Airgo Girl
Air is a roller coaster which does not go too fast, which makes it unique.
Jack Power
If you've ever wanted to feel what it's like to be Superman, this is the ride for you! The back of the ride is great for extra speed, whereas the front makes the 'experience' better. Air is all about the experience of flying; every section of the track has been well thought out and does pretty much everything you wish you could do if you could fly! Also, try looking down as the ride is going round, that's a good sensation. However, it's a shame they couldn't have themed it to fit in with the rest of Forbidden Valley.
Kevin Bales
Air is very good. It begins slowly and then unleashes its full power when you start to go down the hill. When you are turned upside down, it is the one of the most amazing experiences I have ever felt.
Ian Sewell
Air is just wicked. The feeling that you are flying is amazing and it is very comfortable. I'd recommend this ride any day.
I was expecting the usual with Air: lots of tension and a big scary build up in the queue, then a relatively fun experience but a bit of a let-down on the actual ride. Well, I'm happy to say that I was totally mistaken. This is one of the few roller coasters I've been on which really delivers on its first impression. It is smooth, thrilling, exciting and scary, in perfect measures. Definitely my favourite at Alton Towers, and in my top three of best roller coasters I've ever experienced! Only thing to point out is that if you are an asthma sufferer, you may need to watch out, as there is a huge amount of pressure exerted on your chest because of the position you are hanging in. But I have asthma myself and even so, it wouldn't put me off going again and again! Well done Alton Towers!
I am coming to Alton Towers on a school trip in the summer, and have told all my friends what a brilliant ride Air is! I have never been able to stop riding it!
Daniel Lewis
When I reached Forbidden Valley, Air was "experiencing technical difficulties." The ride seems to have a reputation for unreliability; I wonder why. I'll forgive this though because while I was busy scaring myself watching people take the banked drop near the fence on Nemesis it was back in action. The queue was long compared to other rides I went on (30 mins in single riders-priority passes are a must here), but other than the trains passing upside down the wait isn't particularly intimidating. Once I was on board, things went blue and my seat was lifted into the flight position. We set off through the tunnel, paused briefly on the lift hill for no reason and set off. Despite holding onto the straps all way round, the experience was incredible and apparently should be repeated for best results (arms out in front). I'd agree with that. I'll definitely ride it again.
Dave Cheese
Just amazing. It looks really scary while queuing, but it is just bundles of fun. Try to tighten the restraint so you are comfortable on the drop on your back.
Air was my first 'coaster'. I found it relaxing, and a great experience. It is very refreshing to go on if you have just come off the likes of Oblivion and Nemesis!
I was looking forward to this ride, knowing that John Wardley had designed it, and couldnt wait to ride it. However, it isn't anything like I thought it would be: it doesn't offer you the sense of flying - actually it is far from it. To me it feels like an ordinary coaster, but much slower, and it does nothing but break down.
Daniel Leach
Air was my first roller coaster. I thought it would be scary, but it was so brilliant - it was really refreshing, with the breeze on your face as you flew through the air. After Air, I went on everything else; Nemesis, Rita, Oblivion etc.
Air is the best ride in the park. It's not fast, but if it was, it would spoil the effect. It's a wonderful experience as you imagine you are flying. Beats all the other rides I've ever been on. I went on 3 times this last visit. I could ride Air all day.
I thought that Air was okay, but it doesn't compare to European rides.
Air is a very unique ride; a tame ride for people who have never been on a coaster. The first time you ride it, it's fun, but then after a few goes it gets boring. The ride is not new anymore, yet it's still very unreliable.
I have never been on a more excellent and relaxing ride. I absolutely loved the whole experience; if you go to Alton Towers, go on it! It is truly amazing, I definitely felt like I was flying!
This ride actually feels like you're flying, however if you sit at the back it's not as good, as all you can see is the back of the seat in front! It's the second best ride in the park to Nemesis and Oblivion.
Peter Wittland
I have worked as a manager at Alton Towers for many years and still I hear people say the ride is too slow. The ride design isn't about speed, it is about experience. This is the closest you can get to flying and is an awesome ride! Helps my hangovers in a morning!
A thrilling experience and a unique ride. I highly recommend this ride to lovers of Nemesis and similar rides. Not as scary as Oblivion, but still worth the queuing time. It very rarely disappoints.
Air is one of Alton Towers' very unique rides, brought in quite recently, it has amused and amazed guests for many a month. Many people just don't appreciate what the ride gives; I have heard many people leave the ride saying "that wasn't fast" or "not scary!". But Air wasn't built for that, it was built to make us feel in flight. You pass the queue line, teased with Air swooping past you every few seconds. You head into a small building which looks rather like a futuristic plane station. Choose one of the seven bays and the fun begins! Sit on a near to vertical seat and secure your unbelievably soft and secure supports, and relax. Within mere seconds the floor will fall beneath your feet, you are tipped into the flying position, just a few more seconds and... you are off! You slowly but surely pick up some speed, whooshing past grassy areas, then over guests. Air provides a very large span of space allowing the track to head under tunnels and under the monorail itself, where your on-ride pictures are snapped. You flip up and down in a number of turns and flips, when after only 1 minute and 30 secs you return to the second station to collect your luggage from the cage and leave via the winding staircase. Afterwards, you reach the grey and run-down looking photo booth, leading to an enormous shop selling all sorts from mugs and pens to clothes and chocolate! Buy your goods and head outside when you finally realise what has just happened. My Verdict: A refreshing change to scary rides like Nemesis. 4/5.
Jacob S
This ride is brilliant. The restraints are really comfortable and the flying sensation you get is great.
I think Air is a really really good ride. It is so relaxing, and the restraints are comfortable... it calms you down after the big coasters like Oblivion!
Lauren Elphinstone
Air is not scary, which is good really. The restraints are snug and comfortable, and it calms your nerves - very relaxing, which I do like. The two snags are that Air is not fitting in the Forbidden Valley, and that inversions are not relaxing... but if we could fly, I bet that is what it would be like!
Jacob Tyers
Air is a really unique ride. First, I went on Nemesis, and after that finished I needed a break from all the big coasters. I heard someone say that Air is so relaxing, so I decided to go on it. It calmed my nerves, and I felt relaxed in the comfortable seats.
This ride is good but only for a few rides. To get a thrill you need to sit at the back. John did good but it needs a major element like a vertical loop.
One of Alton Towers and Englands better rides in my opinion.This isnt the out an out thrill ride it appereas to be,but is actually fairly gentle as to give the imprresion of flying which I think Mr Wardley has achived and it also makes for some great views. The theming and music are superb and very unique my only gripe being that it looks sligthly out of place in the Forbidden Valley area. This is one ride you should always pay a visit to on any Alton Towers Trip.
I came to Alton Towers with my school (Stanley High School), and Air is the best ride I've been on so far. You feel like you're flying, I highly recommend that you should go on Air :)
I went on Air yesterday and it broke down going up the ramp. The people got it going again very soon and the breakdown didn't ruin the ride. It felt like I was flying. John Wardley did a good job
A great ride. Different to any other coaster experience. Unique but too short. 75%