Reviews for Nemesis

When we first came to Alton Towers, Nemesis was closed. I wasn't a big thrill seeker back then, so I was quite glad my mum wouldn't force me on. When we returned, we went to Forbidden Valley first. We went on Air, and then for some reason I just walked on to the Nemesis queue without thought. We didn't queue for long as it was early morning. My heart was pumping less than I expected on the way up the chain lift. We turned the first corner, and continued downwards. I was looking forward to the vertical loop, and when it came it was awesome. The most thrilling part for me came during the over banked curve after the loop. It's not as scary as it looks, but it's extremely thrilling. The best ride I've been on. 11/10
Nemesis is great - there is no denying that - but like all roller coasters at Alton Towers, it is too short and the queues are too long. However, it is a fantastic and intense ride experience, definitely the best at the park.
Why does this ride go faster in the dark? Well worth the extra time to queue for the front row, best thing Alton Towers have done for this ride.
Nemesis is a great ride, but it's not a fantastic ride, not any more. Maybe I've been spoiled by going to Florida last year, maybe it's because the queues were so long, I don't know, but I didn't get the buzz and tingle that I expect from the very best roller-coasters this time.
I've been on Nemesis for the first time and I enjoyed it. It's the best ride in the park.
Nemesis is a little bit too hyped up. Sure, the line is short, the ride is great and the inversions are terrific, BUT - when you enter the line, you see signs everywhere saying 'Nemesis Is The Most Tense Ride Experience Ever etc.' After reading all of the reviews, signs and watching the behind the scenes (Making and Promotion video), I was a bit disappointed with the ride. I AM happy that I went on it and the 20 minutes queue time was not wasted, I'm just saying it shouldn't be hyped up THAT much... a must ride though if you have half an hour spare!
This ride is like a drug. I went on it once and then again, and then again. It was so good!
Nemesis is quite possibly the best roller coaster I have ever ridden. It is mind-blowing how it whizzed over the 4 inversions! My favourite part of the ride is when it plunges into a pit after the first corkscrew. Ace!
I recently visited Alton Towers and although Nemesis did not open until midday, it barely generated any queues and we were able to ride over and over again! The theming is amazing and it is the best coaster in the country by far. However, I disagree with the ATA re-ride rating because after riding it 7 times in a day, I can say it gets better every time.
Daniel Lewis
Nemesis is, in my opinion, the best ride in the park. The sheer force of the ride is amazing, it's so intense it blows your mind. The theming makes it all the more brilliant!
The best ride at Alton Towers.
Nemesis is pure quality. The ride never once slows down, the cavern it's in adds to the thrill of the ride, and the theming is top notch. The ride is truly unique compared to any other in the world. It may not be the fastest or tallest or even have the most inversions, but it's definitely in the top 50 coasters in the world, due to its pure intensity and excitement. Nemmy blows away all other rides at Alton Towers!
Kevin Nolan
Nemesis is the best ride I have ever been on, and always will be. The thing I like the most about the ride is the way it is all hidden in the ground. It is barely visible from a short distance away, but you know it's there because you can hear it roar around the track. My favourite part has to be the tight helix down to the right, where you stick in your seat. Without a doubt, Nemesis is the best ride at Alton Towers, and no matter what new rides are added to the park, nothing will ever beat the speed and G-force of Nemesis.
Daniel Leach
I rate Nemesis as an *emotional* experience, rather than a thrilling, white-knuckle ride. The enclosed feeling of your seat makes you feel so safe, like being back in the womb. Every time I come off it, I feel over-awed, euphoric, shaky, giggly, light-headed, and more *alive*. The most recent time I rode it was 6th May 2006 during a friend's 40th birthday outing. Upon exiting the station (4 of us had ridden it together) one of my friends said "Where is your wife?" (she was a few seconds behind us collecting belongings from the cage) "What wife?!", I joked; "I have no wife! *There's* my wife!!" I declared, pointing to the coaster. Thankfully my actual wife didn't hear this exchange! Can't wait for the next time!
Chris Hawkins
This ride rocks! I have been on it every time I have been to the park and that's a lot! I love it. The loops are really cool.
Legendary, that's the only word to describe this incredible machine, legendary. If it wasn't for Nemesis, I don't think Alton Towers would be where it is now. I don't know how many times I've ridden it over the last 11 years - 50 or 60 maybe? But in that time it hasn't lost a single ounce of its intensity. I've been on the front, at the back, on the left, on the right, in the dark, in the rain - all of which can give a different experience but one thing that remains unchanged is the colossal rush of adrenaline on each and every ride. It may be over 10 years old now, it may have been dwarfed in size by other coasters around the world - longer, taller, faster, more loops etc etc etc but few (if indeed, any) can match the sustained exhileration of John Wardley's masterpiece. And before people start banding words like Hulk, Alpengeist, Duelling Dragons, Montu, Kraken or Nitro around - yes, I HAVE been on them and yes, Nemesis is still the daddy. So there.
Wow, this ride is great! In my opinion, it is not at all scary, I loved every second of it. It is a smooth ride. Going through the loop over the 'blood' water was so great. It was the first ride I ever went on with a big loop, and it was fantastic!
Oblivion, Air and now Rita; all of which have had such a huge impact on their release... however over time as these rides begin to lose their impact, Nemesis, which was always the best ride at Alton Towers, gets better every year. Nemesis which was slated for being too short in 1994 now seems longer and more thrilling than the others, making it constantly better as the other 'new' rides fade out. Nemesis wont ever be beaten because of this, everything about it is fantastic, forget your vertical drops, feelings of flight or 0-100kph in 2 seconds; Nemesis still kicks ass 11 years on!
Kevin Bales
Nemesis is awesome, it's definitely my favourite ride at Alton Towers, ahead of Rita.
If you haven't been on Nemesis yet, then you have missed a lot, because Nemesis is one of the best rides there. It is my 2nd favourite ride (my favourite is Spinball Whizzer). It's well worth waiting for a few more minutes to go on the front row.
I just loved this ride - I've only been on it twice, but I just love it. The first time I went on it, I closed my eyes for a bit, but the second, I just had to open them. It's much better to open them I think; you can see everything. I love it when you go into the corkscrews and especially the loop - that's fantastic. I thought it was definitely worth queuing for. Overall, I thought it was the best ride I have been on at Alton Towers... I give it 10/10.
Is this ride meant to be scary? Sure it was fast, but Nemmy is a pussycat compared to Oblivion and Rita. To be honest, yes, I really enjoyed it and would love to ride it again, but it isn't very scary!
Jacob Tyers
As an overall experience, when sitting in the front row, Nemesis is difficult to beat. The theming is top notch and, despite Alton Towers' best attempts to bury it from the public's prying eyes, it has a unique story line to go with the theming. No comic book rehashing or ice-cream maker's logos, just a refreshingly novel approach to theming. The masterstroke is of course Nemesis' location in its own personal quarry and, as you weave and dart your way through the underground cavern this mythical beast inhabits, it is truly a ride to take your breath away. However, whilst Nemesis is undoubtedly the best steel coaster in the UK, it is certainly outshone both in this continent and further afield in terms of forcefulness, length and speed. Nemesis is about more than just records of course (the pathetically stunted lift-hill gives way to an almighty rush of a first dive for example), but away from the box-seat views at the front anyone who has ridden certain foreign inverted B&Ms will find it difficult to rate them below this classic. A must ride (and ride and ride and ride and ride and ride and ride...) nevertheless.
The theming and the way the track is often below ground level really adds to the effect and thrill of Nemesis. One of the best rides in the park. 5/5
One of the four great Alton Towers rides, only Rita manages to beat it. But, despite that. An ultra-fast speed, an impossible amount of intesity, the newly painted station, the blood waterfalls and the atmospheric and super haunting music, as well as being underground makes this ride the best, along with Rita & Oblivion, in Europe, probably contending with Dragon Kahn!!!!
I love this ride its the best in the park. Yay 1st Nemmy review!!!