Fact File: Runaway Mine Train
First Installed 1992
Location Katanga Canyon
Cost £3 million
Manufacturer Mack
Designer John Wardley
Stations 1
Track Length 456 metres
Height Of Drop 19 metres
Maximum Speed 22 mph (35 km/h)
Ride Duration 50 seconds per lap
Queue Time 10 - 40 minutes
Capacity 46
Throughput 1,100 people per hour
Seating Arrangement 1 train, 2 people in front carriage, 4 in other carriages
When To Ride Anytime
Restraint Type Lap bar
Height Restriction Guests must be at least 0.9 metres. Guests who are 0.9m - 1.1m must be accompanied by an adult
Property Security Property can be left on station platform
First Timers Sit Middle of train
Thrill Seekers Sit Towards rear of train
Shortcut Available Shortcut: Family
Ride Photography Yes, photo booth near ride exit