Fact File: Hex - The Legend of the Towers
First Installed 2000
Project Name Project Les
Opening Date 1st April 2000
Location The Towers
Cost £4 million
Manufacturer Vekoma
Designer John Wardley
Control System Vekoma
Type Of Ride Madhouse
Maximum Speed 7.5 revolutions per minute
Ride Sequences 1
Ride Duration 3 minutes
Show Duration 6 minutes approx
Queue Time 10 - 30 minutes
Capacity 78
Throughput 850 people per hour
Seating Arrangement 4 rows, 5 bays per row, 4 seats per bay
When To Ride Anytime, though the ride gets very busy when it's raining!
Restraint Type Lap bar
Height Restriction Must be at least 0.9 metres. Guests 0.9m - 1.2m must be accompanied by an adult
First Timers Sit Anywhere
Thrill Seekers Sit Anywhere
Ride Photography No