Fact File: Corkscrew
First Installed 1980
Removed 2008
Opening Date 4th April 1980
Location Ug Land
Cost £1.25 million
Manufacturer Vekoma
Designer Arrow Dynamics
Type Of Ride Corkscrew
Stations 1
Track Length 728 metres
Height Of Drop 23 metres
Maximum Speed 44 mph (70 km/h)
Maximum G Force 3.1 G
Ride Duration Approx. 1 minute, 45 seconds
Queue Time 10 - 40 minutes
Capacity 48
Throughput 1,100 people per hour
Seating Arrangement 2 trains, 6 cars per train, 2 row per car, 2 seats per row
When To Ride Anytime
Restraint Type Shoulder restraints
Height Restriction Must be at least 1.2 metres
Property Security Baggage should be taken with you on the ride
First Timers Sit Middle of train
Thrill Seekers Sit Front for best view, back for most bruises!
Shortcut Available Shortcut: Family
Ride Photography Yes, on ride exit path
Ride Videography Yes